Teacher Gifts (on the cheap!)

Posted by Danny

Thank you ma’am, Thank you ma’am…

Teacher gifts were getting me down.  I talked to three moms and all were purchasing gift certificates.  With 3 kids and 17 teachers, if you only spent $5 each, that would be 85 bucks.  Damn!  I’m not spending that much on Uncle Jesse and he’s my kids’ second parent right now!

The family gathered around the kitchen bar to discuss our dilemma.  What if we made hot chocolate and delivered doughnuts before school?  What if Jesse played the guitar and we individually caroled to each teacher?  They’d laugh and feel special.  I’d save $65!

Sung to Jingle Bells (four Tanners and Jesse singing at the top of our lungs):

Dashing through the halls
In a Lands End uniform
Each morning you greet us
With smiles so big and warm
We thank you for the things
You each us everyday
We know that grades are coming soon
We hope we get straight A’s

Thank you, sir
Thank you, sir
Thank you, Mr. Sheer
Thanks for all you do for us
We thank you, Mr. Sheer

(The chorus was individualized for each teacher)

I watched the reaction from teachers and kids as we paraded through the St. Timothy’s halls – singing and laughing (17 times).  And for the first time, I felt like they were thinking “That’s a cool family,” not, “I feel sorry for them.”

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