Out To Lunch

Posted by Uncle Jesse

School was let out early on the threat of snow, so I picked up at noon. I believe there’s an unwritten rule that if school gets out early you are required to go out to lunch, so I took the gang to one of my favorite lunch places: Big Ed’s

"yes, separate checks, please."

Of course, none of the girls were familiar with Big Ed’s, so it was met with skepticism.

From the back left seat: “Can’t we go to Panera?”

From the back right seat: “I vote for Noodles!”

Me, from the driver’s seat: “Oh you must have misunderstood. I did not say ‘get your votes in for lunch choice,’ I said ‘we’re going to Big Ed’s.'”

Big Ed’s serves breakfast and lunch, plus I was pretty sure they did a mean grilled cheese, so I knew we were covered. Plus, when you start the lunch order with “Three Dr. Pepper’s, please” lunch is pretty much guaranteed to go well.

DJ, Stephanie, and I all ordered lunch items, while Michelle opted for breakfast. This worked out well, because Steph wanted grits instead of fries with her grilled cheese, so we asked for the free grits that came with Michelle’s meal to be put in a small dish and slid it across the table to Steph. Cross-ordering for multiple kids is not something I’d say I’ve mastered yet, but I’m getting better.

Scrambled eggs covered with cool

But the best line of lunch, hands down, went to Michelle, who conceded after spicing up her eggs with salt and pepper: “I don’t really like pepper on my eggs, it just makes my eggs look cool.”

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