Sunday Post 108: Gooooo Danny!

I was watching Stephanie cheer at the school basketball game this week.  As I was sitting there, after the half time show of course, I pulled out my phone to check a couple of emails.  One had come in late that afternoon.  It was from one of my mom’s friends.  She told me how much she liked my blog and how proud she was of me.  She has no proof of this, but she also told me I was a good father.

As the second half of the game started, it dawned on me:  Everyone needs a cheerleader!

What if everywhere you went there were 12 people cheering and chanting for you?  In a meeting before you were about to make a great point, the squad would break out…

Clap your hands

Stomp your feet

Listen to the rhythm of the Dan-ny beat!

Everyone would get silent.  As I concluded my observations about the January budget figures, the girls would go wild!  Pom-poms in the air.  A Herkie, a Toe Touch and a Spread Eagle Jump in each corner of the conference room.  Whoa-whoa!  Great point Dan-ny!  Go Danny.

As I entered a meeting with an angry Y member, the team would run in –

He ain’t bad

and he ain’t cocky

He’s gonna ride over you

like a Kawasaki!

Zoom Zoom…

I bet the member would think twice before crossing me.

I’m actually pretty lucky.  Like my mom’s friend, since Lisa died I have had a ton of people who tell me I’m doing a good job and some with nothing to substantiate their praise.

I’ve seen a lot of suffering kids throughout my career at the Y, no one, not even their mama or daddy is cheering them on.  I see folks who drive the taxi I ride in or who wait on my tables at the Waffle House or who bag my groceries at the Harris Teeter and seldom do I hear a “thank you” or a “way to go.”  I know folks at church who quietly serve others but who receive little recognition.

There are times I don’t even take the time to praise my own kids because I’m too wrapped up in what I want to do.

I never thought I could be a cheerleader.  I can’t do a cart-wheel and the herkie’s a killer.  But there is simply no reason that I can’t do a better job of cheerleading for those I come in contact with throughout my life.  Folks are constantly encouraging me, I ought to be doing the same.

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