Christmas Eve

Posted by Danny

On Christmas Eve I was plundering through presents in the bottom of my closet, it’s a good size walk-in that I shared with Lisa.  I happened to look up at the top shelf,

a place I’d looked 100 times before this year.  There are a number of bags up there with Lisa’s stuff in them.  I had never been compelled to open them, but one in particular caught my eye that afternoon.  For some reason, I reached up.  When I opened it, I saw a Mickey Mouse dressed in a Santa suit.  I smiled remembering our family vacation trip last December between Lisa’s treatment and surgery.  Stephanie bought a Minnie dressed as Mrs. Santa and Lisa said, “I hate to have a Minnie without a matching Mickey.”  My response, “We don’t need any more frickin’ stuffed animals!”  Apparently she purchased it to give to a kid at a later date.  Isn’t it interesting that I opened that bag on Christmas Eve?  I wrapped it for the girls from mom.

If ever there was a doubting Thomas, it is I.  I like to touch, see, feel, and smell before I trust or believe.  I can almost hear Lisa defending me up in heaven.

“He really didn’t mean that.

I know, I know God but he really is a good guy.

Let me go down there and give him a sign; maybe that’ll rattle him.

You’re gonna let him in aren’t you?”

Sometimes I think that the signs are here for true hope and faith.  Sometimes I’m just too stupid to see them.

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