Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?


Should old acquaintance be forgot?

That sounds like a dumb question to me.  I’d think for the most part, old acquaintance should not be forgot – but should be remembered as long as the neurons can charge correctly.

And, I do recall some fairly fun ring-ins of the new year.

There was the time we went to the Peach Bowl to see NC State play – that was a very long time ago.  After the game we went to Underground Atlanta.  About 2 AM, a couple of friends and I were headed back to our hotel room.  As we were walking down the street, a squirrelly looking dude ran up to one of the women in our group and stuck his tongue in her ear.

“Happy New Year baby…”

I don’t remember what happened next because I lay on the ground guffawing.

Licking someone you’ve never met in their inner ear is, in my opinion, an unusual way to express one’s excitement for the prospects of the new year.  For the most part, I prefer to keep strangers tongues out of my ears (there may be a few exceptions).  I think my friend did too.

In 1996, the year Lisa was pregnant with DJ, we went with two friends to DC.  At 11:30, Lisa was about to pass out she was so hungry.  We headed to the front of the line at the Hardrock Café.

“My wife is pregnant and hungry,” I explained to the bouncer at the door.  “I’ve been watching her over the past few months.  You really don’t want to get between her and food.  It could get ugly.”

She was wearing an oversized blouse and had to hold it close to her stomach for him to believe us.  Once he saw her pouch, he escorted her in as if she was going to have the baby on the sidewalk at that very moment.  A pregnant woman can move folks to action; wish I had one with me all the time.

Nah. No I don’t.

One girlfriend tripped on New Year’s Eve and fell into an automobile with the loudest alarm you’ve ever heard in your life.  We ran for fear we’d get arrested.

Another time a homeless man approached our car and began washing our windshield.  When I didn’t tip him, he flipped me off.

There are other adventures I should probably not share, but I do enjoy the memories.

I used to think that New Year’s Eve had to be accompanied by loudness.  And I wouldn’t trade anything for the memories of those fun, wild nights.  But now I’m fairly content to spend the evening with my kids or a small group of family or friends at home – clear of the excesses of my younger days.

This year we celebrate at the beach with one other family.  Quiet.  Talking and sharing of old acquaintances we have no question we want not to forget.

Beach Trip: Welcome to 2011

Posted by Danny

Happy New Year from DJ and the Kimmy Gibbler Experience

At the beach for New Year’s Eve with four other families, 17 in all.  Are these new things for family vacations or have I just been oblivious for the past 16 years?

  1. Four people in my family, 16 towels used in three days.
  2. A 13 year old’s bra in the toilet.
  3. Sunny Delight bottles EVERYWHERE!  Seriously, everywhere.
  4. My kid is on Facebook at 1 am???
  5. Sand – from the beach to my boxer shorts – how did that happen?  Seriously, who has been wiping their dirty feet in my suitcase?
  6. Not one moment when a child is not hungry.
  7. A dishwasher immediately adjacent to the sink – and yet no one under the age of 45 seems to know how to put anything in it.
  8. Not one moment when a child is not thirsty. 
  9. Teenagers not speaking to their parents when other teenagers are in sight.

10. Reproducing clothing?  We didn’t purchase anything, why won’t it fit back in the suitcase?

Hungry or thirsty--which one are you?

Happy New Year! Party time.

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