Snow Day!

Posted by Uncle Jesse

Not only did we get a snow ice day from school yesterday, it came in the best way (for kids): going to sleep thinking school was still on but with a delay, and waking up to discover there’s NO SCHOOL!

For parents? Not exactly a day off, especially if you e-commute and were planning on getting ahead on some writing that’s due Wednesday when you know you’re going to have the girls all by yourself. But what are you going to do? Website editors are more understanding than bored kids, and, secretly (ok, OPENLY) I love the Michael Jackson Wii game. After today I plan on practicing my moves when the kids are at school and dogging them next time we play. What can I say? I play to win. After all, “no one wants to be defeated”

Here’s how the Tanner family spent the Ice Day:

Everybody piled into Dad’s bed

Beds: not just for sleeping


Pancakes vs. Waffles

Posted by Danny

We are a waffle family – we are NOT a pancake family.  I just can’t convice the girls.

It snowed today.  So what do you do when it snows?  Big breakfast when you finally roll out of bed at 10.

The kids begged for chocolate chip pancakes.  I suggested waffles – we have a waffle maker and you just slop the Bisquick batter on, close the lid and swa-la, a perfect waffle every time.  But no – they HAD to have pancakes.  What is the difference?  They are one in the same, I argued.  Bisquick, milk, egg.

“We REALLY want pancakes dad.”

If you follow this blog for long, you will realize that I am a pushover.  Jesse, not so much (he IS Lisa’s brother).  In this situation, both Lisa and Uncle Jesse would respond with, “We have a waffle maker.  I prefer to make waffles, they are easier.   You can have waffles or cereal, we have 13 boxes”.  I, on the other hand, melt at the puppy dog eyes.  Three girls in my bed, snuggling with their daddy.  “We really want pancakes daddy…please.”

When they use the word “daddy”, it just melts my heart.  And their eyes, they are so helpless yet earnest in their plea.  If I don’t make them, they’ll be so disappointed.  And really, who doesn’t deserve chocolate chip pancakes on a snow day?  They’re just so cute and beautiful.  And they love me so much.

“Pancakes it will be!”

I don’t have a nonstick pan or a griddle.  So I take out the metal frying pan which is warped on the bottom.  Michelle helps crack the eggs (I warn the others to chew before swallowing, I think a couple of pieces of shell might be in the batter).  I spray with Pam, the nonstick (not so much) cooking spray. And just like the last time I made pancakes, the sacrifical two – every time the first two I make get stuck to the pan, burn and make a mess.  I scrape them out – cursing as if I’m making Christmas cookies (see one of our first blog entries) and swear that I will NEVER make pancakes again (which I know is a lie because of the “d” word, daddy).

Step 1, make the batter

Step 2, put them in the pan

Step 3, the sacrificial two

step 4, stick to the bottom of the pan and scrape them in the sink

Step 5, remind yourself that you are a waffle family

What is it that makes me such a softy?  Is it the way I was raised?  My mother allowing me to stay home from school if I had a hangnail.  Perhaps I’m just nicer than Jesse – that’s probably it.

But this time, I’ve learned my lesson.  Today truly was the last time I’m going to make pancakes; unless I get a griddle; or unless all three girls climb into my bed and say, “Pretty please daddy with sugar on top…”

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