A Christmas Carol, Day 1

Posted by Danny

Tanner family quotes from the first night of A Christmas Carol rehearsals.

  • “I cannot believe it is 5:30 and you have not started your homework!  What have you been doing all afternoon?”  “Watching TV.”  “Unbelieveable!  Just unbelievable.  You’ve got thirty minutes!  Get to work!”
  • “Eat quicker!”
  • “Fifty-five nights!  I have lost my mind.”
  • “Dad, am I an alto, soprano or second soprano?  BTW, what is a second soprano?”
  • “Dad, you backed into a tree.”
  • “&%$#.  I was in a hurry!”
  • “I need to sit by someone who can sing well.”
  • “Danny, is Jesse coming to rehearsal tonight?”  “I’m only his brother-in-law.  I do not know.”
  • “Uncle Jesse sure is cranky.”
  • “I haven’t sung since 1983.”
  • “Is that the tenor part?”  “I just made that up.  I do that when I don’t know what we’re supposed to be singing.”
  • “When they split us up into our stage families, I need to be in a gay marriage and my partner needs to be a tenor.”
  • “What if they put us all in one stage family?  That would be so embarrassing.”
  • “Dad, they’re going to put Michelle in your stage family because she cried at tryouts.”
  • “Lisa is looking down laughing her butt off.”
  • “It’s harder to sing standing.”
  • “Dad, you’d be a good Scrooge.”
  • “This was really fun!  I can’t wait for tomorrow.”

Tanner Family Quotes of the Month

Posted by Danny

After seeing the Justin Bieber movie:

Michelle:  Dad.  He’s really good on the guitar.  When he was four he could play the guitar better than Uncle Jesse can now.


Michelle, at hotel in Boston:  Well, we’ve got a great view of the parking lot.


Michelle is using Stephanie’s brush on trip

Stephanie:  Did you forget to pack your brush AGAIN?

Michelle:  Yes. It’s like I always pack it, but then it’s never in there.


Michelle:   Dad, do I have a heart in my butt?

Dad:   I don’t think so, why?

Michelle:   Somethings beating down there.


Jesse:  DJ, how do you get to Kimmy’s house?

DJ:  Are you seriously asking me that question?  I don’t even know how to get to Ridge Road. (It’s a block from our house and she seriously doesn’t know how to get there).


DJ:  Uncle Jesse, do you ever eat?

Uncle Jesse:  Yep.

DJ:  Other than Nerds?


Stephanie:  K & W Cafeteria is a good restaurant but it smells like old people.  Mae and Granddaddy and Nana and Pops don’t smell like that yet.


Dad:  The teller machine is broken.  It wouldn’t give me any cash.

Michelle:  That thing gives out free money?

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