Short Sheet the Dad

On the way home from school, with my grandparents, we call them Mae and Gaga, we began talking about how to short sheet a bed.  Michele and Stephanie really wanted to know how this funny prank played out.

If you don’t know how watch:

As soon as we got home, we decided we had to teach them how on Dad’s bed to aggrevate him and to show them how.  We unmade the bed, and with Mae’s help remade the bed perfectly.  I told Mae and Gaga, they stay up late, to wait up and take a picture of dad when he got in bed.  Gaga saw the light go off and a few moments later it turned back on.  He could here moaning and groaning coming from dad’s room.  That’s when he ran in the room and took the picture.


Dad said, “I am tired, I am a single parent.  Why did you do this to me?!  You should have just told me, I would have posed for a picture for the blog and I could have been asleep five minutes ago!”

Mae and Gaga just laughed and wished Michele, Stephanie, and I were awake to see his reaction.

Watch out Jesse, you might be next!

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