A Birthday Ode to Uncle Jesse

Posted by The Tanner Girls (well…with a little help)

Jesse, Jesse you are old, 

Like a piece of bread with mold.

You’re also funny when we’re sad,

And you buy us soda unlike dad.

You’re on sports radio throughout the day,

We finally get to see you at the Christmas play.

At 10PM on the couch you fall in-to a trance,

But out late at a wedding? You really can dance.

Your feet are smelly (and that’s not all),

You’re not a good shopper at Crabtree Mall.

You stay out late and party bunches,

But you still get up to make our lunches.

You crank the radio when you drop off at school,

We act embarrassed, but it’s really cool.

You help us with math  when we throw a fit,

Dad went to State, so he can’t do it.

So have a good day – go have some fun,

And remember we love you, you’re our number one!

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