Stamps and Memories

This is weird.  Maybe a bit morose.

Several years ago on a Sunday morning at church, the preacher that day mentioned several folks in our church who had passed away.  As he spoke, I began to write down names of people I know who have died.  I keep the list in my nightstand.  I add to it when someone who has meant something to me at some point in my life passes away.

Everyone on the list has influenced my life in some way.  Most in a positive way.  Some have made me stronger.  Some were significant to me.  Some were acquaintances – like Jamille,  a young woman who worked at the front desk of the Cary Y when I was the director there.  She had significant health problems here entire life that she eventually succumbed to – but the years she had on this earth were spent abundantly sharing joy. Always a smile, an eager greeting. You would never of known of the physical pain inside.

Mr. Gardner was an old man in the church I grew up in. He and his wife never had kids so he invested in my like I was his own.  He gave me a stamp collection book and a couple of times a year helped me place the unique ones he selected on the correct page.  I think my dad tossed that book in a move twenty years ago.  I bet it was worth millions.

I went to high school with Alice.  She was THE COOLEST girl at Terry Sanford.  She also went to my church.  She made me feel special because I was a nerd but that never stopped her from walking down the hall with me or hanging out at ten minute break.

The older I get the longer the list becomes.  When I add a name, I glance through and the memories pour. 

If you believe in heaven, and if you consider all those who are already there, it gives great comfort.  I imagine they are all having a time of it waiting on us.  They inspired me on this earth and I anticipate they will greet me in the beyond, maybe with a heavenly stamp collection.

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  1. Jean B Ham

     /  December 16, 2020

    I love that you think of Heaven that way because that’s the way I think of it. I picture it with all of my loved ones and friends waiting by the gate. If I get there first I’ll be at the gate waiting for you. Mom

  2. Kim

     /  December 16, 2020

    Alice…yes-cool and the name list from the church you grew up in…I bet I could add a few! Blessed! Good Blog. Merry Christmas! Very proud of your life’s work at the Y and will always remember my college days briefly spent working there.


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