Sunday Post 46: Happy Holidays?

Posted by Danny

Michelle is so excited about Christmas that she can hardly contain herself.  As we were putting up the tree, she simply stated, “I just love Christmas daddy.” 

Oh to have a fraction of that joy…

I’ve found that the holidays have moved from the happiest time of the year for me to the toughest time of the year.  I feel sort of bad that I went through 44 years with no comprehension of how fortunate I was to be able to truly bask in the spirit of the season.  I also regret that I had no idea how painful these days could be for so many people – many of whom I encountered on a daily basis.

I didn’t know that the woman in the cubical down the hall lost both of her parents at an early age and spent the holidays working because it was easier that way.  I had no idea that an acquaintance at church always left town when the season approached because it was too painful to face this family time, when hers was broken. 

Like me two years ago, some of us float through the season, kids and spouse in tact, frustrated that there is simply too much to do – baking, shopping, parties to attend.  What I’d give to attend a Christmas party with my wife.  How I long to fight the crowds at the mall with Lisa by my side.  If I had known, I would not have complained.  I would have basked.

How insensitive I was not to reach out to the single person with little family nearby.  How thoughtless not to intentionally seek out the couple, at the Christmas Eve service, who lost their son last year.

No – I was focused on me and getting home in time to put together the Barbie house with 78 pieces and a 32 page instruction manual.  Ba-humbug – that’s really not what it’s all about.

I wonder if I’ll always feel the sense of sadness when others are filled with cheer.  I wonder if I’ll forget to reach out to those who are more freshly walking through my pain in years to come.

I hope the sadness will wane.  I hope my empathy will not.

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  1. Betsy Morrison

     /  December 4, 2011

    The sadness will wane, the empathy will not…I promise…Betsy

  2. Nice post. I remember my first couple of Christmases after I graduated from college. For two consecutive years, I had recently moved to a new town and had zero friends or family. I really appreciated those who “took pity” on me. Then I met my wife, and things started looking up immediately.

  3. Pam D.

     /  February 25, 2012



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