Sunday Post 69: On Praying

Posted by Danny

Each night I head upstairs to put the girls to bed.  Michelle is the first at 9 pm.  What should take 5 minutes typically results in a 25 minute process.

We often get in a tickle fight, followed by the back and arm scratch and our nightly prayer.  Throughout the routine, I pepper in questions:

How was school? 

Who did you play with on the playground today?

How are you feeling about summer camp?

Every night I pray, out loud, that my girls will make good decisions in their lives.  Hopefully, when they’re faced with a tough one, they’ll think of me and God and make the right one.

It’s this time of day that I find out who Stephanie has a crush on.  I discover the girls who are not playing nicely on the playground.  I find out about the quiz that they didn’t do very well on.  Or I get a philosophical question about life.

On Lisa’s birthday last week, I got home and found that Michelle had written her a note.  Our plan for the night was to visit their school where a statue was dedicated in Lisa’s memory.  Her plan was to leave her note, along with a balloon, as a memorial.

The envelope was sealed so I’m not sure what she wrote.  But I do know that apparently she disclosed which 3rd grade boy currently has her attention.  Isn’t that interesting?  She just wanted to share some of her day-to-day thoughts with mom.  Sometimes I want to do that too.

Someone recently sent me a devotion by Max Lucado.  It said that perhaps prayer was really about sharing the small things in life with God.  Sort of like the time I spend with my kids when I put them to bed.  His theory was that God wanted time with us each day to unwind and hear what we’re thinking.  He said prayer wasn’t all about huge miracles and bringing world peace.

I don’t know – perhaps that’s true.  Perhaps we need to spend less time worrying about how we pray or what we say.  Maybe we should just laugh and casually chat, sharing our daily victories and stressors. 

He probably enjoys that time with us as much as I enjoy my time with my kids.

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  1. Aunt Susan

     /  April 29, 2012

    You know I find your Sunday posts the hardest to get through, they bring up the tears. But they also offer the smiles and giggles. I bet Lisa has the same tears, but also the smiles and giggles. AND, just have those daily, throughout the day, chats with her, and God. Then know that what you are doing is right, because I think we both know that neither God nor Lisa will let you do something dumb.

    • Danny Tanner

       /  April 29, 2012

      You hang around here for about two hours and you’ll see something dumb!


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